What is Pendant Magnetic Track Light?

- 2022-07-20-

It is composed of track + transformer + lamps. The lamps are linked to the track by magnetic attraction, and the number and position can be adjusted at will. The load of the transformer is generally 350W-400W, which can fully meet the addition of different lamps on the track.
Surface mounted track, the installation method is relatively simple, the track strip is directly fixed on the top, and the track is completely exposed, which is suitable for industrial and minimalist homes.
The hoisting track does not need to be pre-embedded, and the lamps are presented from top to bottom by hanging the line. With a strong sense of decoration and strong light-gathering, it is more suitable to be installed above the dining room or desk.
Pendant Magnetic Track Light Lamp Selection with Different Functions
Grille lights, folding lights, track spotlights have a spotlight effect and are suitable for accent lighting, such as decorations, green plants, hanging paintings, etc.
Floodlights and chandeliers are floodlights that can replace main lights and are used in living rooms, bedrooms, aisles, dining rooms, bedsides and other areas.