Little knowledge of LED lighting nouns.

- 2021-05-13-

The main characteristics of the current LED lighting market

(1) The trend of LED lighting to replace traditional lighting has been generally confirmed. It is generally believed that the replacement rate will be around 40%-50% in 2015 and around 70%-80% in 2020.

(2) The development of LED lighting industry is generally promoted and supported by governments of various countries.

(3) The development of the current LED market is generally not as expected, which is reflected in the fact that the industrial production capacity is greater than the market demand, which has caused the industry to be in a reshuffle period.

(4) At present, the quality of LED lighting products is generally uneven in the market, and the cost of selection is high.

Judgment elements of the pros and cons of LED lighting products
1. The whole lighting effect
The whole light effect refers to the total luminous flux output of the whole lamp divided by the input power of the whole lamp. The unit is lumens/watt (lm/W). It reflects the efficiency of the lamp when converting electric energy into light energy. The higher the value, the more energy-saving. It is the most direct parameter to judge the energy-saving effect of LED lamps. Due to the rapid progress of LED lighting technology, the value of the overall light effect is rapidly increasing. Due to the different technical capabilities of different manufacturers, the overall light effect of each product is not the same. Of course This is also related to the manufacturer's product type and positioning.

2. The unit price of the whole lamp lumens
The unit price of the whole lamp lumens refers to the unit price of the whole lamp divided by the total output luminous flux, the unit is yuan/lumen (yuan/lm), which reflects the unit price of the light purchased by the customer. Customers buying lamps, no matter what type of lamps, are essentially buying the light needed for lighting. Therefore, what really reflects the price is the price per unit luminous flux. The lower the unit price of the whole lamp, the cheaper the product. Due to the different technologies, management capabilities, and resources of the manufacturers, the unit price of the whole lamp lumen of the manufactured LED lighting products is also high and low.

3. Warranty commitment

The quality promise of LED lighting products is a reflection of product reliability. Only when the product quality is really excellent can manufacturers give a clear, quantitative and credible full quality promise!