The working principle of solar radar sensor street light

- 2021-06-05-

1. Introduction
The solar radar sensor street light is based on the Doppler effect and adopts the most advanced planar antenna, which can effectively suppress the interference of high-order harmonics and other clutter. It has high sensitivity, strong reliability, safety and convenience, intelligent and energy-saving, and it is a building intelligence. The product of choice for modernization and modernization of property management.
The microwave radar sensor lamp is a new type of intelligent lighting product that automatically controls the light source to light up through the sensor module. In terms of light source materials, LED is used as an intermittent lighting source with frequent switching. Compared with incandescent lamps and various fluorescent lamps, it is undoubtedly the most ideal choice. It has long switching life, fast response speed, high luminous efficiency, small size, and easy control. The characteristics are perfectly embodied. On the other hand, it is smarter, no need to manually switch the lamp to light up automatically. With the introduction of the government’s new energy-saving policy, the hardware wholesale market shows that incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps will be gradually withdrawn from the market and replaced by led lamps. In the near future, community corridors , Underground garages and other public area lighting will be fully replaced by LED sensor lights. Microwave radar sensor lights will occupy a favorable position in the LED sensor lights market with its probes not exposed, sensitive, intelligent light recognition function, and not affected by ambient temperature.
2. Working principle
The solar radar sensor street light is an integrated product of light source and induction. The product uses the principle of Doppler effect to transmit electromagnetic waves through a planar antenna, which can effectively suppress the interference of high-order harmonics and other clutter. It has high sensitivity, strong reliability, and safety. Convenient, intelligent and energy-saving. When a moving object enters the electromagnetic wave environment, the waveform is reflected and turned back. When the planar antenna receives the feedback waveform, the subsequent circuit operates by detecting the trigger signal. Fuxin Hardware Accessories Network introduces you to the specific process of solar radar sensor street lamp work as follows:
A. Startup --- After the inductor is powered on, the oscillator circuit in the inductor will automatically generate a frequency of 5.8GHz plus or minus 75MHz. We call it the local oscillator frequency, and amplify it---this local oscillator frequency is amplified by an operational amplifier and used as The electromagnetic wave carrier is launched into the air through an antenna.
B. Receiving-The emitted electromagnetic wave is reflected by the surrounding objects and then selected by the frequency selection network of the oscillator. The difference signal obtained is used as the basic signal of the self-check (surrounding environment detection).
C detection-when there are moving objects around, the reflected electromagnetic wave is different from the basic signal during self-test after circuit analysis (that is, there will be a frequency difference between the echo received by the receiving antenna and the transmitted waveform. The difference frequency signal passes through After processing such as amplification, decoupling and filtering, it is modulated into a pulse signal of 10MHz  to 20MHz . After processing such as amplification, amplitude discrimination, and filtering, it is processed into a TTL signal with a certain logic function), at this time the signal As the basis of the trigger signal, the power-on command is issued to make the power supply system work.