Factors Affecting the Service Life of LED Downlight

- 2021-06-05-

1. Under some acidic conditions, LED downlight are easily affected, such as in coastal areas with high salt content, in factories that use chemicals or manufacturing products, or in indoor swimming pools.

2. Heat will affect the luminous flux and life cycle of LED lights. The radiator can prevent the system from overheating. The heating of the system means that the allowable ambient temperature of the LED lamp has been exceeded. The life of the LED depends on the ambient temperature.

3. When manufacturing, stacking or simply operating the LED, mechanical stress will also affect the life of the LED lamp, and sometimes even completely destroy the LED lamp.

4. The performance of LED lights also depends on the humidity of the surrounding environment. Because in a humid environment, electronic equipment, metal parts, etc. tend to be damaged quickly and begin to rust, so try to keep the LED system from moisture.

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