Waterproof Method of LED Wall Washer

- 2021-06-19-

1. First, solder the LED Wall Washer beads on the aluminum substrate with an electric soldering iron and a tin bar for use.

2. Then test the light on the board that has been welded by electric welding to see if there is no welding or no light. According to the basic embrittlement, it can ensure that the driver of the led wall washer and the LED Wall Washer beads are intact.

3. After the test is completed, put heat-dissipating silica gel on the back of the aluminum substrate, and put the board into the shell. The heat-conducting silica gel radiates the heat of the lamp beads to the lamp body, so as to avoid the lamp bead decay, and proceed to the next step.

4. The preparation process is complete, solder the power supply to the positive and negative poles of the aluminum substrate, and then tie the two ends with tape for filling.

LED Wall Washer