Analysis of the Reason Why the LED Linear Chandelier Does Not Light Up

- 2021-06-19-

1. If the LED Linear Chandelier is not on, first check whether the circuit is connected, whether the connection is bad, and whether the positive and negative poles of the light bar are connected reversely. The brightness of the light bar is obviously low. Please check whether the rated power of the power supply is less than the power of the light bar, or the connection wire is too thin, which causes the connection wire to consume too much power.

2. LED Linear Chandelier need to be anti-static, because LED are electrostatic sensitive components, if you do not take anti-static measures when repairing the LED linear lights, the LED will be burned out.

3. LED Linear Chandelier cannot sustain high temperature, because the two important components of LED linear lights, LED and FPC, LED linear lights are products that cannot continue to withstand high temperatures. The LED cannot withstand high temperature continuously, and the LED linear lamp chip will be burnt out by the high temperature after a long time in the high temperature.

LED Linear Chandelier