Advantages of Led Strip Light

- 2021-06-19-

1. There are available LED strip light sources and modules on the market of LED light bars, which are strong enough to be used as infrastructure lighting, and they have also been proven to be the main light sources in production plants, warehouses and office spaces.

2. The LED light bar has a long service life. Compared with energy-saving lamps with a service life of less than one year, the LED used for this type of lighting has a high working efficiency, so it can run for up to 11 years. For example, the lifespan of an LED that works 8 hours a day is about 20 years. Only after this period of time will we be forced to replace with a new light source. In addition, frequent opening and closing will not have a negative impact on the service life, but will have an adverse effect in the case of the use of old-fashioned o-type lighting.

3. Compared with incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, inter-halide or mercury lamp, LED light bar is the most efficient energy source at present, and its power consumption is much less. The luminous efficiency of traditional lighting is within 80-90%. This means that 80% of the energy provided to the device is converted to light, while 20% of the energy is lost and converted to heat. The efficiency of incandescent lamps is at the level of 5-10%-only that part of the energy provided is converted into light.

4. In the structure of high-quality LED lighting, high-quality plastic and aluminum parts are used, which makes the LED more durable and resistant to low temperature and vibration. Compared with traditional lighting, the high performance of LED generates a small amount of heat. Most of the generated energy is processed and converted into light. Even after a long period of work, it can be directly contacted with the LED lighting source without being exposed to burning.

LED Strip Light