How to Deal with the Heating of LED Strip Light

- 2021-06-21-

1. The LED strip light is a series and parallel structure. When a group of circuits is short-circuited, the voltage of other lamp beads in the same group will increase, and the brightness of the lamp beads will also increase, which will generate heat accordingly. When any one of them is short-circuited in the chip circuit, the current of the other lamp beads will double, and the brightness of the lamp beads will become super bright and super high, and the heat output will become too high and will increase rapidly, serious It will cause the circuit board to burn out.

2. Usually, the tester only pays attention to whether the lamp bead can be turned on. They rarely check for abnormal brightness or do not perform visual inspections, but only conduct electrical tests, which often overlooks this problem. This is why some lights become hot once they are lit. 

3. When producing LED light strips and printing solder paste, do not form a continuous tin between the pads, so as to avoid short-circuiting of the solder due to poor printing quality. Attention should also be paid to the installation details to avoid short circuits. Check the position of the patch before reflow soldering, and check the appearance after reflow soldering to ensure that the light strip is not short-circuited, and then perform an electrical test. When checking again, please pay attention to whether the brightness of the lamp beads is abnormal.

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