Four installation methods of LED panel light (flat light)

- 2021-07-09-

1. Embedded installation method: suitable for integrated ceiling installation. This installation method is often used in offices, shops, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. It is also the most common installation method. First remove a ceiling and put the LED panel light drive aside Then connect the power cord and put the panel light on the ceiling. The installation method is relatively simple.
2. Hoisting installation method: suitable for the installation of individual decoration, hanging the lighting from the ceiling with a hanging wire. First fix the 4 hanging wire bases on the lighting to the roof, then tie the 4 hanging wires to the LED panel light, connect the light's driving power cord, and pull the steel wire to adjust the height of the panel light. The installation method is more flexible.
3. Concealed installation (inlaid) installation method: This installation method is a more traditional installation method, which is more suitable for simple decoration occasions. First draw the inner edge of the LED panel light frame, and then cut it with a tool. Install the lamp frame, connect the lamp drive power cord, and finally place the LED panel light, that is, insert the lamp.
4. Surface-mounted (inlaid) installation. This installation method is very similar to the above concealed installation method, except that the outer frame of the LED lamp is inlaid on the outside of the ceiling (protruding from the ceiling plane), first fix the frame of the LED panel light on the ceiling, and then connect the LED drive power cord. , Then press the panel light firmly on the fixed frame.