The FAQ of LED Solar Lamp

- 2021-08-06-

Q:For some area, flood light design are preffered.. Is it 1 solar panel to 1 flood light or we could use a bigger solar panel to cover more light?

A: our street light was a intergrated solution lamp + solar panel , so depend on this molds you can`t request the solar panel size more bigger , because it always one size to be correspond with our lamp molds


Q:The solar panel still using Polycrystalline or also change to Monocrystalline silicon?

A--- our street light offer was Monocrystalline


flood light was Polycrystalline

Q: Why Solar flood light 200w & 300w are using same quantity of LED?

A: 400W-500W same molds

which mean the lamp size was same , however the panel size and battery was different

of course the power rated more biggger the battery capacity and panel size more largger



Q:The remote control suitable for all light. Mean 1 controller can control all light or 1 to 1 linked?

A:- every street light has one linked remote equipped in packing,  but the remote was common mode, it mean  1 controller can control all light