The advantages of the solar lamp

- 2021-09-10-

1. Solar lamps can use independent installation, no need for embedding and backfilling, saving construction cost.

2. There is no need for additional capacity equipment in the store, which saves the cost of supporting equipment.

3. Solar lamps are automatically controlled, do not need personnel management, and save management expenses.

4. Solar lamps save power operation cost.

5. Simple maintenance, safe use and no electric shock accident.

6. Very energy-saving, directly converted into electric energy through sunlight.

7. Solar lamps are environmentally friendly, pollution-free and radiation-free.

8. The DC voltage used is 12V ~ 36V, which is very safe, and there will be no electric shock, fire, etc.

9. The installation is simple, there is no fear of power failure and power restriction, and it can be used in places without power.

10. Long service life, strong luminous efficiency, high-efficiency energy-saving lamp light source, long-term durability.

11. There is no need to pay electricity, and the operation and maintenance costs are low.

12. Solar lamps are widely used in residential areas, schools, factories, scenic spots and other areas.

13. The replaced solar panels can be recycled.

14. High grade, energy saving and are symbols of taste.

15. It can avoid potential safety hazards caused by landscape engineering transformation, aging materials, abnormal power supply, conflict of hydropower pipelines and so on.