High CRI LED Linear Down Lights

- 2021-09-26-

What is CRI?
CRI as an acronym for Colour Rendering Index. Colour Rendering Index is a scale to 100. The higher the CRI rating, the closer light it produces is to natural sunlight or good halogen lamp. Essentially, CRI is the measure of quality of light.  |High CRI spotlight
High CRI LED Lights = High Quality
High CRI LED light fittings have become common within the last several years. While high CRI lights used to be expensive and belonged in the museums and art galleries, they found their way into average home lighting systems. Apart from high quality LED spotlights, it is not uncommon to find high-end LED Downlights with CRI 90, like these LED Linear Spotlight down light from World-Dawn.  installed in residential properties. If you have artwork on the walls, you will appreciate tilting downlight highlighting the artworks bringing out the most of their colour.
With competition between manufacturers ramping up, the good quality LED lights have become affordable as many manufacturers realised that people demand quality of light.