shopping malls/supermarkets/hotels, etc. recommend using LED lighting for energy saving

- 2021-10-22-

The government issued a proposal to save electricity, involving landscape lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and home lighting, and advocated the use of LED lighting.
Government agencies and institutions take the lead in saving electricity, actively creating energy-saving agencies, and driving the whole society to save electricity. Reduce the use time of the air conditioner, set the cooling temperature not lower than 26℃, and the heating temperature not higher than 20℃; reduce the lighting time and quantity, try to use natural light lighting and LED green lighting, develop the habit of "people go out" and stop " "Unmanned lights"; LED lighting and energy-saving electrical equipment are used for landscape lighting to reasonably reduce the power consumption time of night landscape lighting and various advertising facilities, and reduce urban light shows. Shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, offices and other places actively promote the use of LED lighting and energy-saving electrical equipment. LED energy-saving lamps are used for public lighting in residential areas. Consciously reduce or disable high-power electrical equipment and non-essential lighting during peak hours.