World-Dawn LED Linear Chandelier Lamp Upgrade Power & Higher Lumen

- 2021-11-30-

The LED Linear Chandelier lamp, PBT housing. Hanging or mounted surface installation type. Similar to the Aluminum profile light, but much lightweight and cheaper prices than the aluminum profile linear light. 
Now it has upgraded the power as well as the lumen.
1185*50*40mm original 18W now to be 24W.
1185*70*40mm original 24W now to be 36W .
1185*100*40mm original 36W now to be 48W.
Light effect: 80~90lm/w.
Input voltage: AC100-240V
CRI: ≥80
Housing: PBT material, can be black or white color
Color temperature: 3000K-6500K
PF≥0.5 (also can do 0.9)
Installation: Suspended or mounted surface, include all accessories. Indoor using. Home, office, shopping mall, warehouse, etc.