World-Dawn LED Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Light

- 2021-12-21-

The advantage of our Aluminum profile:
1. Thick aluminum with high intensity. 
2. The aluminum has thick oxide layer, the thicker the oxide layer, the more insulated the aluminum bath and the stronger the oxidation resistance. 
3. High purity of aluminum, good heat dissipation 
4. PC cover materials are not easy become yellowing.
5. Different size and style can be choose.

Aluminum profile with LED Strip light installing types: 
1. Recessed LED linear light
2. Mounted surface linear LED Ceiling light.
3. LED hanging downlight, linear pendant light.
4. Embedded in the ground, ground light.

Aluminum profile with LED Strip light can be used for: 
1. Wardrobe, Kitchen Couture, Wine cabinet, Bookcase, Showcase, Shelves
2. Bedroom, Store, Reception hall, Dance room, Bar counter
3. Aisle, Metope, Corner of wall, Stairs
4. Office scene, Entertainment scene, Decoration Etc